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Book Panels

The 2011 ASN Convention features the following books in Special Roundtables:

Courting Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Book Cover: Courting Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lara Nettelfield

and Nationalism

Book Cover: Historians and Nationalism
Monika Baar

Europe Between Hitler and Stalin Book Cover: Bloodlands
Tim Snyder

of the Wealthy Book Cover: Weapons of the Wealthy
Scott Radnitz

Constructing Grievance

Book Cover: Constructing Grievance
Elise Guiliano


Book Cover: Odessa
Charles King

Crime of Numbers

Book Cover: Crime of Numbers
Fuat Dundar

Evolving Nationalism

Book Cover: Evolving Nationalism
Nadav Shelef

Extremely Violent Societies
Book Cover: Extremely Violent Societies
Christian Gerlach

Crafting State-Nations

Book Cover: Crafting State-Nations
Alfred Stepan, Juan Linz
and Yogendra Yadav

The Idea of Galicia

Book Cover: The Idea of Galicia
Larry Wolff

Bosnia Remade

Book Cover: Bosnia Remade
Gerard Toal

Serbia's Transition

Book Cover: Serbia's Transition
Milica Uvalic