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MERICA - Directed by Federico Ferrone, Michele Manzolini, Francesco Ragazzi (Italy, 2007, 65 minutes, in Portuguese, Italian and Veneto dialect with English Subtitles)


The film investigates the complexities of migration and sense of national belonging, using the parallel stories of the historical Italian emigration to Brazil and the current Brazilian "return" migration to Italy. Through strong attachment to and national pride for Italy, these "return migrants" face considerable challenges in a country still plagued by the difficulty of integrating "outsiders". Why is this the case? Why aren't they recognized as Italians? If it is not nationality, what is it exactly that creates a sense of belonging within a society? By comparing the great Italian emigration of the 1800's and the immigration which Europe is experiencing today through lives of these return returning migrants, the film provides complex answers to these and many other questions.
Contact: Francesco Ragazzi,